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  We are located on 125 acres near the tourist towns of South West Rocks and Hat Head NSW.


We are breeders and exhibitors of quality Bull Terriers only (not miniatures) Litters are planned twice yearly in between campaigning our dogs in NSW and occasionally interstate.


When planning to breed we carefully choose the best sire available to suit our girls virtues and faults (as no dog is perfect) and have a preference for UK lines in our breeding program. Often using local and overseas frozen semen or using top Australian bred studs that have exceptional lines behind them. 


Our planned  breedings are specifically for our own benefit to keep and campaign a pup for the show ring from each litter. We do not own stud dogs. Puppies are available only to forever loving pet or show homes that have researched the breed and have the time and commitment.


Puppy Socialisation plays are very important role to us and we highly recommend our puppy purchasers to continue with this.

Our puppies are raised in a family environment with children, they  are used to farm animals, machinery, playing  with our adult dogs and are toilet trained to go outside on the grass. Puppies are raised inside until 4 weeks then spend most of their time outside to strengthen their immune system and to run, play and explore.


We highly recommended puppy pre school and getting your new pup out and about as much as possible after their second vaccination. This ongoing socialisation is very important in the first 12 months of the pups life to lay the foundation for a happy, social and sound minded Companion that you can take anywhere without fuss.


Some ideas include:  walking along busy roads, dog friendly parks and beaches, play dates with other dogs. Some states also have occasional bully walks and meet ups. Obedience classes/ groups. Some Bunnings stores allow dogs in their trolley and some pet / farm and produce stores may allow dogs on leads.


We understand some prospective puppy purchasers would like to meet the breeders and their dogs first and see where their new puppy has come from.

Therefore visits can be made by appointment.


Proudly a Registered ANKC Breeder Dogs NSW 

Member Number : 2100079766

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